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Meet Our Trainers

All you need to do is show up

 we will take care of the rest!


Each one-on-one appointment with your trainer is custom designed to help you meet your personal fitness goals. 


Our team approach allows you to work with a variety of trainers from 5 am – 8 pm. This allows for flexibility in your schedule and to experience a variety of training styles to keep each workout exciting! We track each workout so we can manage your progress.  Our staff works together to maintain your continuity of care. 


Casey earned his B.S. in Exercise Science from California State University, Long Beach, after successful high school and college baseball careers.  While studying kinesiology, he became an ACE certified personal trainer in 1992 because he liked fitness and then became a competitive bodybuilder. 


In 1994, Casey suffered a life-altering injury after he dove into a swimming pool.  He broke his neck by fracturing the C4 vertebrae, becoming immediately paralyzed from the neck down.  (Read more in Casey’s Story above.) While Casey was still confined to a wheelchair, his clients begged to train with him and glean the motivation they desired to meet their fitness goals. Casey fed off their energy and thru perseverance and intense exercise, he learned to walk again.  And now, he is a competitive physically-challenged triathlete.  He has completed many since his first sprint in 1999 and even attempted the Kona Ironman World Championships in 2014.  Just 8 miles shy of the marathon finish, Casey was pulled from the race due to medical complications.


Casey is a true testament to leading a healthy, active lifestyle and never giving up.  His motto? “Failure is not an option.”


As a former soccer and volleyball player, Lisa became an ACE certified personal trainer in 1992 because she wanted to learn about weight training and staying fit. Anatomy and physiology classes at California State University, Fullerton spurred her interest even more.


She earned her B.A. in Public Relations and immediately began working for ASICS America, leading sporting goods manufacturer, and continued to train clients on evenings and weekends. In 1997, Lisa, along with Casey, opened Executive Fitness, a business dedicated to customer service through personal training, group classes, corporate wellness, and more.


Lisa says she works out daily because she loves lifting heavy weights, wants to stay fit, and to defy the aging process! As a mother of two, Lisa declares “family first” and takes great pride in watching her girls’ athletic endeavors. 


What resounds in her head?  “Be present".

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Jason received his B.S. in Kinesiology with an emphasis on teaching/coaching from Cal State University of Northridge. His career began at the age of 20 as a track and field coach for Moorpark High School, his alma mater.


By 27, Jason was teaching physical education at Granada Hills High School and proudly serving as the head coach of the boys' track and field program. Jason then decided to seize a new opportunity. The field of private training offered Jason the chance to affect change in people's lives on a day-to-day basis. For the past 10 years he has broadened and honed his craft to include all aspects of health and wellness such as fitness, nutrition, and cooking.


Jason continues to be motivated by the positive responses of his clients and the many meaningful relationships he has built over time.

Executive Fitness Manager Patti joined our team in 2019. team! She brings more than 19 years experience as a fitness professional. From managing fitness centers in Canada and to focused one-on-one training, Patti delivers consistency and professionalism. 

She is adaptable to all individual training goals and works to help our clients surpass them. 

Her positive energy and affirmations encourage all fitness levels to try their best and celebrate their goals. 


"You are the boss of your body!"

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Focusing on finding balance in life, Rochelle is happy, healthy and pain free, while still allowing room for fun! She is humbled to be a fitness and nutrition coach and advocates for overall quality of life including mental health, staying active and creating a healthy relationship with food.  

Currently studying at CSULB for health science, Rochelle has always had a passion to work one on one with others and provide excellent service in any way she can.  In 2015, she began working as a special needs strength trainer using manual therapy techniques to aid survivors of stroke, brain injuries and accidents. Client recovery was based on the adaptation of the neuromuscular system.


She believes in establishing relationships with her clients in order to gain trust and better be able to help. 

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1997 Grand Opening

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