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Easy Tips For Healthy Eating

  1. Make time for your food.

  2. Eat out as little as possible.

  3. Drink a glass of water before your meal.

  4. It doesn’t have to be Instagram worthy.

  5. Eat more vegetables.

If you don’t have the time to sit down and eat a meal, make a meal you can eat on the go. Vegetables in a Ziploc bag are just as easy to carry around as an energy bar. Fruit is about as portable as it gets. Prep your food the night before. If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Restaurants give you larger portions than you need. They have your taste buds in mind, not your waistline, and it’s more expensive then making your own meals.

Water helps with digestion and makes you feel full faster. Sugary drinks, like soda, block the signal to your brain that lets you know your full. Try eating a super sized meal at a fast food restaurant with water instead of a 30 oz coke (Spoiler: it's a lot harder).

Yes you eat with your eyes. But not every meal you make has to be posted on social media. Don’t try and compete with culinary experts. Worry more about the quality of the food and less about what it looks like. It doesn’t have to look pretty to be good for you, just get it in you.

At least once a day eat a salad with all the colors you can. Greens, yellows, reds, purples, and so on. Vegetables are good for you.

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