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The Industrial Diet

We are living in a world where eating a well balanced diet can be more confusing than a jig saw puzzle. Food has become so readily available that we have become blind to what goes into the food we eat. We now look to diets and trends for nutritional information. There will never be a diet that can be applied to every individual. There are no magic pills, and no miracle cleanses. There is only understanding and consideration of what happens to the food you put into your body. You need to explore all foods and find the right combination to fuel you throughout your day.

Eating healthy requires a lot of work. The obesity epidemic is on the rise not only in our country but all over the world. We are lazy with our microwavable dinners, drive thru’s, and weight loss supplements. I can assure you there is nothing out there that will make you healthy besides preparation, commitment, and some thought about what you are consuming. Even those that try to eat healthy are often guided by false vices. Corporations have created edible products that taste good but have little to no nutrients. They have mastered making food labels confusing with low fat this, no calorie that. It’s all nonsense. Think about using this strategy before you eat anything. If it grew in the ground or had a heartbeat, you can eat it. If it comes in a pre packaged box or wrapper you can’t.

For example, things you could eat include any type of fruit, vegetable, or meat (preferably lean meats like ground turkey or chicken). Vegetables, all different shapes, sizes, and colors, the wider the variety the better. As for fruits, look for something seasonal and fresh. Meats, try them all, beef, chicken, turkey, pork, fish. Eat it all (not at once) and take note of how your body feels and reacts. If you try something that your body doesn’t agree with, make a note of it. Figuring out what not to eat will be a large portion of this process. Trying new foods doesn’t have to be daunting. Accept it as a learning experience and make it as fun as possible. Changing eating habits isn’t something that will happen overnight. Small steps in time will turn into big changes. It is a lifestyle change that must remain a habit if you want to see benefits.

If you are still eating fast food and drinking soda, there’s your starting point. One week, no fast food, no soda. Try it, it won’t kill you. On the contrary you will feel better. And after a month I invite you to try it again. Have a supersize anything with the biggest soda they have. See how terrible you feel. There is absolutely nothing in fast food that is good for you. Period.

When you eat a sensible diet there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to indulge occasionally. Pick three foods you can’t live without. Call it your cheat meal, guilty pleasure, what ever. Do some research. Check the food labels, ingredients, serving size, sodium and fat content. Can you find a healthier alternative? For example if it’s chocolate, find the purest chocolate you can, not a Hershey bar. Find a chocolate shop in your area and educate yourself. Learn about the percentages of cocoa and pick the healthiest option. Ice cream? Look for the brands with ingredients you can pronounce, or even try and make your own. Researching the foods you love will help you start recognizing the good and the bad that goes into food.

Foods that come pre packaged are made and processed in facilities hundreds sometimes thousands of miles away from you. They are created following sub standard regulations from the FDA and with nothing but making money in mind. The chemicals and additives corporations add to foods to extend shelf life is astounding. I invite you to pick 5 things out of your pantry right now and see if you can pronounce each item on the ingredient list. The way processed food is made takes away most if not all the nutritional value it may have had to begin with.

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