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Health and Fitness Myths

Below are 5 topics of conversation we frequently have with clients. There is a lot misleading information out there, here is some truth.

You will get bulky if you lift weights.

It actually takes a long time and a hell of a lot of work to get “bulky”. Ask any one with big muscles and they will tell you how easy it wasn’t. Women have to work even harder due to lower levels of testosterone. When you see a bulky looking woman they usually have had some “assistance” getting there.

Certain foods make you fat (Sugar, Carbs, Fats)

Overeating makes you fat. There is no scientific evidence that shows certain foods cause weight gain more then others. You can have a diet of only eating two Twinkies a day for a week and loose weight (but you will probably feel terrible). You will only lose weight if you have a caloric deficit. Meaning you put out more energy then you take in.

You can turn fat into muscle.

Muscle and fat are two totally different tissues. Muscle is active, and requires energy even at rest. The more you move the more energy you burn. Fat is just storage of excess energy. Fat has no purpose and will sit there until you burn it off.

Cleanse/Detox products work.

Your body has natural ways of detoxifying itself (Liver, colon, kidneys…). Eat a healthy diet with plenty of vegetables and your body will do its job. All those products do is give you expensive pee.

You have to do a lot of cardio do lose weight.

You can run as hard as you want for an hour, and eat double the amount of calories you burned in an hour, in 10 minutes. The best way to lose weight is a mixture of strength training, cardio, and most importantly good nutrition.

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