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Insta Accounts You Should be Following.

Bellow are five Instagram accounts worth a follow . There wont be many inspirational quotes over pretty pictures or slightly sweaty fitness models posing in skimpy gym outfits. These accounts post well thought out information regarding human movement and how to master it. You can learn something from each one of these.


“Learn to develop a strong, balanced body, and move with out pain.”

These guys take a wacky approach to explaining common issues of human movement and make it digestible. Dr. Mike Wasilisin and Andrew Dettelbach help teach you to understand and fix common movement discrepancies.


“Helping you live better 1 minute at a time”

Dr. Jacob Harden has posts on stretching and different exercises to help maximize your potential in the gym. Have an ache or a pain? He probably has a video on how to address it.


“The study of human movement, pain, and injury”

This account is for those that enjoy to learn the science involved with human anatomy. Not always the easiest to understand, but posts a lot of great information pertaining to anatomy and how your muscles work.


“I make athletes stronger and faster”

Gerry DeFilippo (CPPS, AAPS) is geared more towards athletes. Interested in getting the most out of an already athletic body? Check him out for some training ideas.


This account is a little less informational, but if you have an appreciation for what the human body can do Justin Jefferson will amaze you with his feats of strength. If anything he will inspire you to do and want more out of your body.

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