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Executive Fitness is where meeting goals starts with

meeting friends in our neighborhood.

Executive Fitness is all about personal attention. But a lot of gyms can say that. Where we’re different is in the connections we make with our clients. We understand their dreams, challenges and aspirations in addition to their goals. We understand the journey and hardships along the way and we plan accordingly. Because that’s what friends do and family do for each other. When you connect on that level, the path to success is that much easier.



It’s not just about personal training. It’s about the connection to personal goals and the journey to overcome and improve together. 


Small doesn’t just mean size. Small is a direct connection to the type of experience you’re looking for - personal attention, free from the intimidating large-gym atmosphere.



Sure we all want to look better. But we’re all about reaching your holistic life and health goals, not just your mirror flexing goals.



We care for you the way we care for the community. We’ve been here and we’re not going anywhere. We’re your neighborhood gym. We focus on Long Beach like we focus on you.

Optimum Results in Less Time


Our exclusive one-on-one private training facility is designed to meet all your fitness needs with top-of-the-line fitness equipment, plasma TV screens and personal trainers who customize each workout to save you time while achieving optimum results. You can schedule private appointments for personal training. We also offer motivating small group classes, circuit and 30 min Xpress workouts to augment your fitness regimen.


Meticulously detailed to meet your every need, our private locker rooms and showers with indulgent amenities make your visit to Executive Fitness memorable.  Rainfall showerheads drench your body while our delicious signature cocomango spa products transport you to the tropics with an aromatic blend of sweet mango and exotic coconut. 


Proudly serving our greater Long Beach community since 1997, we look forward to serving the diverse needs of our clients while making their success our top priority.


Executive Fitness …where fitness and lifestyle meet.

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