What my clients say about us?

"My transformation here was like going from crawling to running; I feel strong and victorious."

Lori Carden - Long Beach

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"Executive Fitness transformed my life, enhancing my athletic performance and day-to-day mobility."

Ligaya Jakmakjian - Long Beach

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"Executive Fitness provided the tailored program and personal training I needed for my fitness journey."

Bob Foster, former Mayor of Long Beach

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About Executive Fitness

Executive Fitness is the heart of refined wellness in the Naples community. Established as a sanctuary for personalized and upscale fitness experiences, we foster a space where friendships blossom and every personal triumph is celebrated. Join us in a journey where tradition meets modern elegance in the pursuit of a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle.

Success Stories from Our Cherished Members

Hear straight from our delighted members who have embarked on transformative journeys at Executive Fitness. Their stories of success, well-being, and community are not just testimonials but endorsements of a lifestyle redefined.

Engaging Small Group Training

Experience the camaraderie and motivation that our small group training sessions bring. Tailored to foster personal growth and vibrant health, these classes are a perfect blend of intimacy and dynamism, creating an environment where everyone thrives.

Why choosing us as your personal trainer

Certified trainer

Our certified trainers bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise, ensuring your fitness journey is safe, effective, and tailored to your needs.

Nutrition & diet

Experience a holistic approach to well-being as we guide you through balanced nutrition and diet plans, nurturing a healthier, more vibrant you.

Years of experience

With years of industry experience, Executive Fitness is your trusted partner in crafting a fitness journey grounded in expertise and proven methods.

Support & motivation

At Executive Fitness, you'll find an encouraging community ready to support and motivate you at every step, fostering a positive and uplifting environment.

1-on-1 training

Benefit from a personalized approach that sees you as an individual, not just another member, ensuring your fitness plan aligns with your unique goals and preferences.


Become part of a close-knit community where connections go beyond the gym, fostering friendships and a network that supports your holistic well-being.

Where Results Meet Elegance

Discover the epitome of upscale fitness at Executive Fitness. Our exclusive video tour unveils a space where modern amenities meet personal connection, all crafted to foster a fulfilling and active lifestyle.