June 18, 2024

Executive Fitness feels like home, with a supportive community that keeps you accountable.

A group of ladies in an interview setting at Executive Fitness

Today, we share the inspiring stories of five remarkable women—Cammie Cassiano, Monica Ryan, Lori Martin, Sarah Sangmeister, and Sandra Larsen—who have found not just fitness but friendship and community at Executive Fitness in Long Beach, CA. Their experiences highlight the unique and supportive environment that sets Executive Fitness apart from other gyms.

Sarah Sangmeister: A Long-Standing Commitment

Sarah Sangmeister has been a dedicated member of Executive Fitness for 15 years. Initially seeking more tailored workouts, Sarah found exactly what she needed. “I needed more work on my arms,” she recalls, emphasizing the personalized approach that kept her returning year after year.

Cammie Cassiano: A Sense of Home and Accountability

For Cammie, Executive Fitness feels like home. “If I’m not here, they’re asking where I am,” she explains. The accountability and community support make every workout session a positive and motivating experience. It’s this sense of belonging that keeps Cammie coming back.

Lori Martin: Beyond Just Working Out

Lori Martin cherishes the friendships she has formed at Executive Fitness. “The ultimate friendships that I’ve made here are beyond the friends that I have outside the gym,” she shares. The camaraderie extends beyond workouts to sharing recipes, restaurant tips, and family stories, making it more than just a place to exercise.

Monica Ryan: Inspired by Overcoming Challenges

Monica was initially inspired by Casey’s story, which she read on the gym’s website. “If he could do that, anybody can,” she thought. At 73, Monica continues to push herself, motivated by the caring yet challenging instructors. “They expect you can do it, so you believe you can,” she says, underscoring the transformative power of positive expectations.

Sandra Larsen: The Best of Both Worlds

Sandra Larsen appreciates the high-quality training and convenient location of Executive Fitness. “The trainers are the best I’ve ever worked with,” she asserts. The group classes offer the feel of private training, with personalized attention to form and technique. Living just around the corner, Sandra has no excuse not to show up, making it a perfect fit for her lifestyle.

A Unique and Supportive Environment

All five women agree that Executive Fitness offers a unique blend of community, accountability, and expert training. The group classes, while collective, provide individualized attention, ensuring everyone meets their personal fitness goals. The trainers’ dedication to each member’s progress creates a supportive and motivating environment.

Friendship and Motivation

Working out together has not only helped these women stay accountable but also strengthened their bonds. They push each other to achieve more, celebrating milestones and supporting each other through challenges. This camaraderie makes every workout session enjoyable and fulfilling.

Why Executive Fitness Stands Out

For those considering joining a gym, the experiences of Cammie, Monica, Lori, Sarah, and Sandra highlight the distinct advantages of Executive Fitness. The gym’s personalized approach, supportive community, and expert trainers create an environment where members thrive physically and socially.


The journeys of Cammie Cassiano, Monica Ryan, Lori Martin, Sarah Sangmeister, and Sandra Larsen at Executive Fitness demonstrate the power of a supportive and personalized fitness community. Their stories are a testament to the life-changing potential of finding the right gym—one that not only helps you achieve your fitness goals but also fosters lasting friendships and a sense of belonging. For anyone in Long Beach looking for a comprehensive fitness experience, Executive Fitness stands as a beacon of community and excellence.