January 10, 2024

Executive Fitness transformed my life, enhancing my athletic performance and day-to-day mobility.

Ligaya Jakmakjian

Transforming Fitness and Life at Executive Fitness: Ligaya's Inspiring Journey

Greetings to all fitness enthusiasts and those embarking on their fitness journey in Long Beach, California! Today, we delve into the inspiring story of Ligaya, a local resident whose transformation at Executive Fitness is not just about physical strength but also about discovering inner resilience. This article complements her heartening video testimonial, offering insights and motivation for anyone seeking a local gym that truly makes a difference.

Ligaya's Initial Skepticism Turns to Belief:

Ligaya's journey to Executive Fitness began with a personal referral from her husband. Being critical of gyms, his recommendation was a testament to the gym’s credibility. This personal endorsement, especially from a spouse, is often the most convincing. Her initial visit, fueled by curiosity and excitement, marked the beginning of a life-altering experience.

The Transformation Begins:

Ligaya, an amateur athlete and paddler, faced challenges in mobility and athleticism. At 47, competing with much younger athletes seemed daunting. However, Executive Fitness wasn't just another gym for her; it was a catalyst for profound change. Her story is a vivid illustration of how tailored fitness regimes can elevate not only physical capabilities but also mental fortitude.

A Memorable Milestone with Battle Ropes:

A significant moment in her journey was the battle rope challenge. Facing a daunting five-minute session, Ligaya surpassed her own expectations, completing four continuous minutes. This achievement wasn't just about physical endurance but also about breaking mental barriers, an essential aspect of holistic fitness.

The Executive Fitness Edge:

What sets Executive Fitness apart, as Ligaya eloquently describes, is its personalized approach. The trainers at Executive Fitness don’t follow a one-size-fits-all method. Instead, they tailor workouts based on individual feedback, focusing on the client’s specific needs and goals. This personalization extends beyond physical training, encompassing emotional and mental support, making it a unique destination for holistic wellness.

Beyond Physical Strength: A Journey of Self-Discovery:

Ligaya's narrative goes beyond physical strength. It’s about self-discovery and redefining personal limits. The gym experience has reinforced her belief in her abilities, extending this newfound confidence to other areas of her life. This empowerment is a testament to the profound impact that a supportive fitness environment can have.

The Role of Casey and Lisa:

Casey and Lisa, pivotal figures in Ligaya's fitness journey, embody the ethos she seeks to emulate. Their active lifestyle and engagement with gym members don’t just motivate; they inspire. Ligaya emphasizes the importance of having role models who are relatable and aspirational.

Consistency: The Key to Transformation:

Ligaya highlights a crucial aspect of fitness: consistency. Executive Fitness supported her in maintaining this consistency, not just through personalized training but also through building a community. The gym became more than a place to work out; it turned into a space for social support, advice, and genuine care.

Redefining Fitness and Health:

Ligaya’s journey redefines fitness. It's not about adhering to stereotypical standards but about leading a lifestyle that empowers and fulfills. Her transformation is about strength, confidence, and the ability to enjoy life to the fullest.

A Message to Potential Members:

To those contemplating joining Executive Fitness, Ligaya’s advice is straightforward: start your journey. Emphasizing the gym's supportive environment, expert trainers, and welcoming community, she encourages taking the step towards a healthier, more fulfilling life.


Ligaya's experience at Executive Fitness is more than a fitness journey; it's a life journey. Her story resonates with anyone seeking not just a gym but a transformative experience. For those in Long Beach looking for a place to start or continue their fitness journey, Executive Fitness stands out as a beacon of personalized care, community, and empowerment.