June 18, 2024

Working out together at Executive Fitness has kept us motivated and turned gym sessions into enjoyable social events.

Valerie Glass and Diane O’Connell Interview Photo

Today, we spotlight the inspiring stories of Valerie Glass and Diane O’Connell, two remarkable women who found friendship, fitness, and a supportive community at Executive Fitness in Long Beach, CA. Their journey showcases the power of personalized training and the vibrant community at this boutique gym.

From Rehabilitation to Rejuvenation: Diane's Journey

Diane’s path to Executive Fitness began 11 years ago after she broke her shoulder post-retirement. Seeking better rehabilitation, her husband recommended Casey, knowing his impressive self-rehabilitation journey. Diane’s dedication and the personalized training she received at Executive Fitness have kept her fit and active, preventing the loss of mobility she feared in retirement.

A New Fitness Chapter: Valerie's Transformation

Valerie, on the other hand, joined Executive Fitness without any prior gym experience. Her journey from Pilates to weight training and cardio under the guidance of the gym’s trainers has been transformative. Valerie’s story is a testament to the empowering environment at Executive Fitness, where she went from zero gym experience to achieving fitness milestones she never thought possible.

The Power of Partnership

Three years ago, Lisa suggested that Diane and Valerie work out together. This partnership blossomed into a close friendship, extending beyond the gym to concerts, museums, and social gatherings. The motivating presence of a workout partner has been crucial for both, ensuring accountability and making fitness sessions enjoyable.

A Community That Feels Like Family

Diane and Valerie both emphasize the community spirit at Executive Fitness. The welcoming environment, where everyone knows your name and greets you warmly, fosters a sense of belonging. This "Cheers"-like atmosphere turns fitness into a social and supportive experience, making every visit something to look forward to.

Overcoming Challenges and Staying Strong

Despite multiple surgeries and physical challenges, Diane credits Executive Fitness for maintaining her balance and strength. The consistent workouts have helped her recover swiftly and stay active. Valerie shares a similar sentiment, appreciating the variety and personalized approach that keeps her engaged and constantly improving.

Diverse and Expert Training

Over the years, both women have worked with multiple trainers at Executive Fitness. Each trainer brings a unique approach, offering diverse exercises and techniques that keep workouts interesting and effective. This variety and expertise have been pivotal in their fitness journeys, ensuring they receive well-rounded and comprehensive training.

A Special Place for Fitness

For Diane and Valerie, Executive Fitness is not just a gym; it’s a community that supports their physical and social well-being. The personalized workouts, the supportive trainers, and the friendly environment make it a place they love coming to every day. The gym’s ability to cater to individual needs, especially for older adults, sets it apart from larger, impersonal gyms.

Memorable Achievements

Valerie recalls a particularly proud moment when she held a plank for an impressive duration, a feat she could not have imagined before joining Executive Fitness. This achievement, along with many others, highlights the progress and strength she has gained through consistent, guided training.

Why Executive Fitness Stands Out

Diane and Valerie’s experiences underscore the unique benefits of Executive Fitness. The gym’s focus on personalized workouts, understanding of individual needs, and creation of a close-knit community make it a standout choice. For anyone considering joining a gym, they highly recommend Executive Fitness for its tailored approach and supportive environment.


The journeys of Diane O’Connell and Valerie Glass at Executive Fitness are inspiring examples of how personalized training, a supportive community, and consistent effort can lead to remarkable transformations. For residents of Long Beach and beyond, their stories serve as a powerful testament to the life-changing potential of a dedicated fitness regime at Executive Fitness.