January 12, 2024

Started at Executive Fitness 15 years ago; it transformed my health, dropping from 228 to 178 pounds.

Roland Spongberg

Roland Spongberg's 15-Year Fitness Evolution at Executive Fitness

In this inspiring tale from Long Beach, we unfold Roland Spartanburg's 15-year journey with Executive Fitness. Roland's story is a testament to the power of consistent effort and the transformative impact of a dedicated fitness regime. His narrative offers motivation and insights for anyone seeking to make a long-term commitment to their health and fitness.

A Sign That Sparked a Change:

Fifteen years ago, Roland's fitness journey began with a simple yet profound motivation – the desire to embody the essence of an executive. Drawn to the gym by its name, he embarked on a transformative journey, moving from a weight of 228 pounds to a healthy 178 pounds. Roland’s story is a perfect example of how a small spark of inspiration can lead to significant life changes.

From Unable to Unstoppable:

Initially unable to do a single push-up, Roland's dedication over the years led him to complete a birthday challenge that included 70 push-ups, sit-ups, squats, pull-ups, and a seven-mile run-walk. This accomplishment highlights not just physical strength but also the mental resilience he developed at Executive Fitness.

The Exhilarating Environment of Executive Fitness:

Describing the gym’s environment as exhilarating, Roland emphasizes the role of the trainers in pushing members to their limits. The discipline of staying for a full hour's workout and the consistent push from the trainers have been pivotal in his fitness evolution.

Daily Commitment and Its Rewards:

Roland’s daily visits to the gym have become an integral part of his life. Skipping a day makes him feel like something is missing, showcasing the gym's ability to instill a habit of fitness in its members. This daily commitment has significantly improved his physical fitness and become a cornerstone of his daily routine.

Personalized Approach and Trainer Stability:

Highlighting the personalized approach of Executive Fitness, Roland appreciates the stability and expertise of the trainers, including Casey and Lisa, the owners. Their fitness expertise, combined with their business acumen, creates an environment where members feel both challenged and cared for.

A Contrast to Big Gyms:

Roland points out the differences between Executive Fitness and larger gyms. The stability of trainers and the accountability of scheduled sessions make a significant impact on members’ consistency and progress. In larger gyms, the frequent change of trainers or lack of personal commitment can hinder one's fitness journey.

The Joy of Routine and Variety:

Initially attending thrice weekly, Roland now visits the gym daily, finding joy and variety in his workouts. The impact of this routine on his overall well-being is profound, with each day feeling incomplete without his workout session.

Tracking Progress and Constant Improvement:

A key aspect of Roland’s experience is the meticulous tracking of his progress by the trainers. Knowing his personal bests and consistently striving to surpass them has been a driving force in his fitness journey.

Encouragement for New Members:

For those contemplating joining Executive Fitness, Roland assures a rich, potentially life-changing experience. The gym's atmosphere, coupled with its community of trainers and clients, offers a unique and enjoyable environment for anyone looking to elevate their fitness.


Roland Spongberg's 15-year relationship with Executive Fitness is more than a fitness journey; it's a lifestyle transformation. His story is a powerful example of how commitment, consistency, and the right environment can lead to remarkable health and fitness achievements. For residents of Long Beach and beyond, Roland’s journey with Executive Fitness stands as an inspiring blueprint for long-term fitness success.